Annual 2019 - Waterdale
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Walk Through

Walk Through Waterdale

Saturday April 13, 2019
Rivergum Theatre, Parade College Bundoora


Waterdale has a rich 14 year history in which we have produced 23 major productions and 6 annuals. With ‘Walk Through Waterdale Annual’ we aim to celebrate this history and take everyone on a walk down memory lane.


We have gathered a handful of our 700+ cast members to perform numbers from musicals we have performed over the last 14 years. It is our hope that friends old and new, will be entertained.


So please, book tickets, and enjoy a Walk Through Waterdale. All tickets include a program, showcasing our history and looking forward to our future.

Production Team

Musical Director: Nicholas La Mattina

Produced by: The Waterdale Committee


Little Shop of Horrors (2006): Sarah Calsina
The Mikado (2007): Sarah Calsina
Jesus Christ Superstar (2008): Dave Barclay & Julian Campobasso
Fame (2009): TBC
Pippin (2010): Kyahl Anderson
Annie (2011): Robbie Wilton & Angie Bedford
Beauty and the Beast (2011): Anthony Julian
Into the Woods (2012): Jess Barlow
Parade (2012): Dave Barclay & Josh Petersen
Witches of Eastwick (2013): Ian Nisbet 
Gypsy (2014): Demi Mangione & Ashleigh Psalia
Little Shop of Horrors (2014): Josh Petersen
Ragtime (2015): Cassandra Beckitt
Urinetown (2015): Nathan Michael Wright
Pirates of Penzance (2016): Andrew McDougall, Kirsty Nisbet & Nathan Michael Wright
Avenue Q (2016): Andrew McDougall, Wade Robinson, Sarah Golding Simpkin, Katie Fong & Jesse O’Donnell
The Producers (2016): Andrew McDougall
Seussical (2017): Isaac Stott
The Hatpin (2018): Jacqui Moore & Amy Elliott
Dee Bellen
Fiona Boyle

Emily – Rose Carr
Elizabeth Carr

Mardi Cuthbert
Sarah Cuthbert
Rachel Edwards
Justin Grigoleit
Melissa Karakaltsas
Matilda O’Riley
James Phillips
Kristopher Wardhana

Tickets available now!

Please note that all tickets include a complimentary program showcasing our history. 

Season Pass tickets also available! $75 for tickets and a program to all 3 of our 2019 productions.

Please note for our Season Pass orders that you will need to pick up the Season Pass from our Box Office when you attend Walk Through Waterdale. Any issues or concerns, please email