Annual 2019 - Waterdale
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Walk Through

Walk Through Waterdale

Saturday April 13, 2019
Rivergum Theatre, Parade College Bundoora


Waterdale has a rich 14 year history where we have produced 23 major productions and 6 annuals. With this ‘Walk Through Waterdale Annual’ we aim to give audience members a walk down memory lane.


We have hand selected a small amount of our 700+ cast members to remind our members, old and new, of the amazing shows they have been a part of over our 14 years.


Cast members and productions to be announced soon.


So please, book tickets, and come walk down memory lane with us. All tickets include a program, showcasing our history and looking forward to our future.


Production Team

Musical Director: Nicholas La Mattina

Tickets available now!

Please note that all tickets include a complimentary program showcasing our history. 

Season Pass tickets also available! $75 for tickets and a program to all 3 of our 2019 productions.

Please note for our Season Pass orders that you will need to pick up the Season Pass from our Box Office when you attend Walk Through Waterdale. Any issues or concerns, please email