2023 - Bonnie & Clyde - Waterdale
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Content Warning: This production contains themes of death, violence, sexual references, and use of imitation guns.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@waterdale.org.au
We look forward to seeing you at the show! šŸ§”
This project is proudly supported by Manningham Council’s Community Grant Program.

Tickets on Sale Now!

Young Bonnie & Young Clyde Performance Schedule:
Friday 6th @ 7:30pmĀ –
Jack & Alyssia
Saturday 7th @ 7:30pm –
Ā Liam & Isobel
Sunday 8th @ 1pm –
Jack & Diana
Wednesday 11th @ 7:30pm –
Liam & Alyssia
Thursday 12th @ 7:30pmĀ Ā Liam & Alyssia
Friday 13th @ 7:30pm –Ā 
Jack & Isobel
Saturday 14th @ 1pm –
Ā Liam & Diana
Saturday 14th @ 6:30pm –
Jack & Alyssia


Bonnie Parker Isabella Gangi
Clyde Barrow Shaun Edrupt
Buck Barrow Ryan Bentley
Blanche Barrow Kirsty Nisbet
Young Clyde Jack Farrough & Liam Wilson
Young Bonnie Alyssia Jade, Diana Cunningham & Isobel Cunningham
Ted Hinton Will Murton
Emma Parker Paige Louise Quinn
Cumie Barrow Arya Said
Henry Barrow Benjamin Moore
Judge/Preacher Kristopher Wardhana
Deputy Bud Ian de Luna
Capt. Hamer Emily Stevenson
Sheriff Schmid Xi Gui Griffin
Eleanore/Alcorn Madison Siladi
Trish/Johnson Bonnie Fawcett
Stella/Gov. Ferguson Cassidy Capraro

Production Team