The Hatpin - Waterdale
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The Hatpin – Audition Information

July 6 – 14, 2018
Rivergum Theatre, Parade College Bundoora


THE HATPIN is inspired by the true story of Amber Murray who in 1892 gave up her son to the Makin family in Sydney, Australia.

THE HATPIN tells story of a single mother, Amber Murray, who advertised her baby in a newspaper trading column in the hope of saving his life…and ended up embroiled in one of the most captivating, moving and exciting criminal trials in Australian history. Using the moral support she gains from her friendship with the free spirited Harriet Piper, Amber fights the injustices of circumstance and tragedy to find hope and strength.

A moving and hopeful story about friendship and courage. Dealing with motherhood, poverty and the resilience of women thriving under extraordinary pressures, this show looks at the public’s judgment of private choice, the power of self-liberty and the notion of “care”.

This case of Amber Murray vs. The Makins was influential in bringing about awareness in society of the need for welfare for single-mothers and the demand for a review of the Australian Child Protection Act.

Production Team

Director: Dean Mitrousis
Music Director: Nicholas La Mattina
Choreographer: Keir Jasper
Production Manager: Candice Bennett

Produced By: The Waterdale Committee

Cast Expectations

All Waterdale show casts are an integral part of the Waterdale family.  Along with the production team, committee and crew, the cast are an essential building block for a successful production.  We value the opinions and feedback of cast, and should you have any concerns during the production schedule, please do not hesitate to raise them with your directors or production manager.

All cast members are required to pay a production fee of $50 which covers the cost of insurance, rehearsal materials and refreshments, and a $20 Waterdale membership fee.  Payment is to be made in full on the first rehearsal, unless otherwise organised with the Production Manager.  Fundraising and promotional activities will be held throughout the rehearsal period, and all cast are expected to support these activities.

Important Dates

Audition Information Session: Sunday 4th March, 2:00pm at Rivergum Theatre, Parade College, Bundoora.

Note: Audition bookings will be available from the conclusion of the Audition Information Session.

Singing and Acting Auditions
Saturday 17th March, 9:00am to 5:00pm, Yarrangabee Centre, Parade College Bundoora (follow signs).
Sunday 18th March, 9:00am to 5:00pm, Rivergum Theatre, Parade College Bundoora.
Movement Audition: Sunday 18th March, 2:00pm, Rivergum Theatre, Parade College Bundoora.

Note: All auditionees must attend both an individual singing & acting audition and the movement audition.

Call-back Auditions will be held on Tuesday the 20th of March from 7:30pm.  Only those invited to attend will be contacted.  Note, if you are not invited to call-back auditions, this does not mean you are not being cast in the show.

Rehearsals are on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 7:30pm to 10:00pm and Sundays 2:00pm to 6:00pm.  Rehearsals commence on Tuesday the 3rd of April.  All rehearsals will be held at Parade College.  Specific locations will be noted on the rehearsal schedule.

Two full day rehearsals are scheduled for the 20th and 27th of May, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided on these days.

All rehearsals are compulsory.  Please alert the production team if you are unable to attend any rehearsals.

Production week commences on Saturday the 30th of June with a theatre bump-in.  Not all cast will be required, a roster will be prepared based on cast availability to assist with the bump in.  Every night of production week, cast are required to attend the theatre from 5:30pm until the show run is completed.

Performances of Waterdale’s ‘The Hatpin’ are as follows:

Friday 6th July 7:30pm
Saturday 7th July 7:30pm
Sunday 8th July 5:00pm
Thursday 12th July 7:30pm
Friday 13th July 7:30pm
Saturday 14th July 7:30pm

All cast are expected to assist with bumping out the theatre following the final performance.

Listen to 'The Hatpin'

Audition Expectations


Prepare 2 songs to show vocal range.  One piece will execute a similar style to the show the other being a character piece showing emotion and style of the character you are auditioning for.  No songs from the show preferred.  You may be asked to do scales/vocal exercises to gauge your range. Please memorise the songs.  We may not listen to the entirety of your song, but please remember this is in no way a reflection on your vocals, we will have just heard everything we need to.

An accompanist will be available for the audition, and backing tracks are accepted.  Please bring on a phone or device that will allow the track to be played via headphone jack.


Please prepare a short (30secs-1min) monologue to perform at the audition. The piece should be directly linked to the emotions of the character. Please memorise it for your audition. You may be asked to do it in varying styles. This is to see how quick you pick things up, if you are adaptable and how you take direction.


Each auditionee will be required to attend the movement audition in which you will undergo various travel and traffic movement to view your timing and spatial awareness.

Character Breakdown

Lead Roles

AMBER MURRAY: Unprepared mother.  Mother and Father-less; abandoned; hopeless; yet, a driven mother of Horace. Aged 18-25 yrs

HARRIET PIPER: Tom-boy of the 1800’s; Very masculine in attitude; with a rough and practical appearance; not held by social constructs and standards; sympathetic and outgoing; a quick-witted older woman aged 30-65yrs.

AGATHA MAKIN: A cunning woman that controls the Makin household, warm at times with a reprimanding temper; product of her time. Late twenties-40yrs.

CLARA MAKIN: a wide-eyes young woman, always with her head in a book, with an ill disposition for Charles and teenaged attitude to her mother Agatha, sympathetic and shy.  Aged 15-19yrs.

CHARLES MAKIN: The weaker party of the Makin couple. Clean, shaven and well presented.  Holds very little power in his relationships and is feminised by this in many scenarios. Aged 30-40’s.


Featured Ensemble

EDWARD CLEARY: A handsome young man, man product of his time, absorbed by the ideas of capitalism, and is only suede when outcomes materialise.  Aged 20-30yrs.

JAMES HANONEY: A gruff man of the working class, dirty and hard working. 40-55yrs.

JUSTICE STEPHEN: A warm but stern judge. 40-55yrs.

THOMAS WILLIAMSON: A greedy, clever, profiteering attorney. 35-45yrs.

JAMES JOYCE: A constable. 35-45yrs.

MINNIE DAVIES: Shrew, shrivelled up woman, with a child. 25-30yrs.

MARIANNE LEONARD: Quiet, defensive, middle-class woman. 18-25yrs.

REBECCA RIGBY: Upper middle-class, timid, shy woman. 18-25yrs.


ENSEMBLE: Citizens, Ensemble, Company, Employees and Press-Agents (played by additional members of the above company).

Book an Audition

Our booked auditions have finished, but we are still looking for more people to be involved!  If you would like to be involved, please email to organise an audition!