2008 - Jesus Christ Superstar - Waterdale
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Jesus Christ Superstar

Rivergum Theatre, Parade College


As his radical teachings are evermore embraced, Judas increasingly questions the enlightened motives of this new prophet, resulting in betrayal. Christ’s final days are dramatized with emotional intensity, thought-provoking edge and explosive theatricality.

Production Team

Director: Luis Rivera
Musical Director: Sam Boon
Choreographer: Felicity Bender
Vocal Coach: Laura Perini
Assistant Director: Shane Sanfilippo

Producer: Shane Sanfilippo
Assistant Producer: Georgia Antonello
Production Manager: Greta Georgiou
Rehearsal Pianists: Sam Boon, Glen Barnett & David Barclay
Dance Captains: Whitney Johnson & Liam Smith
Costume Designer/Manager: Emily Hall
Costume Assistant: Rachel Wood
Hair/Makeup: Claudia Miller, Anita Posterino
Sets/Props Design: Andrew McDougall
Sound Design/Operation: Cail Young
Lighting Design/Operation: Doug Donaldson
Set Construction: Peter Antonello, Andy McDougall, James Baker, Marco Antonello
Properties Manager: Portia Chiminello
Stage Manager: Greta Georgiou
Assistant Stage Manager: Rebecca Sanfilippo
Backstage Crew / Guards: Mark Kearney, Clint Serafini, Georgia Antonello, Jake Ludowyke, Melinda Ruiz, Christine Graham, Sue White
Cast / Publicity Photography: Stuart Ford
Rehearsal Photography: Georgia Antonello
Graphic Design: Stuart Ford
Program Editor: Julian Campobasso
Ticket Secretary: Angie Bedford
Ticket Assistants: Emma Williams, Romina Carfi
Foyer Display: Georgia Antonello
Front of House Coordinators: Tom & Lorrae Sanfilippo
Front of House Assistants: Fernanda Antonello, CHristina Sepulcri, Rem Rivera, Jane Gooden, Katelyn Vandenberg


Keyboard: Andrew Jones
Guitar: Rob Munios, Lachy Robertson
Bass: Joel Williams
Trumpet 1: Madison Foley
Trumpet 2: Ben Warren
Trombone: Tahlia Foley
French Horn: Matt Coulson, Chris Jenson
Saxophone: Sam Boon
Reeds: Cal Barry, Rob Simone, Mark Phillips, Justine Cramer, Mary Olson
Violin 1: Andrew Congues
Violin 2: Renee D’Sousi
Viola: Christie Haddon
Cello: Lou Stevenson
Percussion: Josh Boon, Lachy Evans
Drums: Cat Canteri


Jesus Christ: Julian Campobasso
Judas Iscariot: David Barclay
Mary Magdalene: Diana Perini
Simon Zealotes: Glen Barnett
Pontius Pilate: Kristopher Brown
Caiaphas: James Phillips
Annas: Angie Bedford
King Herrod: Stuart Ford
Peter: Joshua Peterson
Priest: Rachel Collins
Priest: Kim Rossenberg


James Baker
Portia Chiminello

Jessica Davison
Tyler Delacretaz
Dee Bellen
Laura Ghiotti
Angela Haddad
Whitney Johnson
Joseph Bootten
Miriam Carr
Chelsea Cornell
Kate Ferguson
Bec Gemmola
Melissa Karkaltsas
Andrew McDougall
Liam Smith
Meaghan Kominiarski
Sheri Todd
Lonni Allan
Ann Fraser
Troy Kameme
Kate Maroney
Luisa Musco