2023 - Legally Blonde - Waterdale
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Tickets on sale now!

For a limited time only, all opening weekend tickets are at the special early-bird price of only $38!

Open Mic Night - February 17

Production Team

Director / Co-Choreographer Emerson Hansford (They/she)

Musical Director Kristie Thai (She/her)

Choreographer Cara Loft (She/her)

Assistant Director Meg Farrough (They/them)

Assistant Musical Director Daniel Kim (He/him)

Stage Manager Erica Moffat (She/they)

Assistant Stage Manager Sophie Lyons (She/they)

Design Manager Calysta Morgan (She/her)

Lighting Designer Samuel Victoria (He/him)

Set Builder Josh McPherson (He/him)

Props Coordinator Toby Vasilic (He/him)

Costume Coordinator JJ Bartsch (They/them)

Wellbeing Officer Alice Borthwick-Peters (She/her)

Producers Giles Adams (He/they) & Rhi Edwards (She/her)


Elle Woods Xi Gui Griffin
Emmett Forrest Nabs Adnan
Paulette Buonufonte Jenny Flores
Professor Callahan Daniel Cooper
Warner Huntington III Numa Lemoh
Vivienne Kensington Percy Jones
Brooke Wyndham Gen Underhill
Enid Hoops Eloise Lohery
Serena Sophie Bass
Margot Laurel Reeves
Pilar Ria Galea

Fiona Adams, JJ Bartsch, Erin Brennan, Alex Corr,
Sarah Cuthbert, Adam De Wilde, Sarah Dunn, Shaun Edrupt,
Meg Heathcote, Tayla Ham, Demetrius Kiriakidis, Jessica Luna,
Simone Lay, Sean Malcolm, Alicia Michaelides, Phoebe Nguyen,
Danjo Nazareno,  Lily O’Shea, Giordano Paoli, Jennifer Roussos,
Madison Siladi, Spencer Stiles, Eilish Tobias, Darcy Towe,
Daniel Trenkovski, Madeleine Vlahiotis