2010 - Pippin - Waterdale
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5th – 13th March 2010
Rivergum Theatre, Parade College Bundoora


The story introduces us to Pippin, the eldest son of King Charlemagne of the Franks. Pippin is the well-educated crowned prince, but he believes that there is more to life than warfare and longs for a more fulfilling life. With the help and direction of the Leading Player and a troupe of ambitious assistants, Pippin sets off on an entertaining journey filled with violence, betrayal, tragedy and love in order to find ultimate happiness.

Production Team

Director: Shane Sanfilippo
Musical Directors: Daniele Buatti and Melissa Karakaltsas
Choreographers: Luis Rivera and Emma Kiely
Assistant Director: Luis Rivera

Producer: Laura Perini
Artistic Director: Emma Williams
Stage Manager: Victoria Rendall
Assistant Stage Manager: Simon Horsburgh
Lighting Designer: Vanessa Burke
Board Operator: Danny Issko
Lighting Bump In Crew: Vanesse Burke, Danny Issko, Eve Conroy, James Formica, Geoff Gardiner and Matt Duncombe
Follow Spots: Eve Conroy, James Formica and Geoff Gardiner
Sound Designer: Marcello Lo Ricco
Sound Operator: Steve Cooke
Radio Microphone Technicial: Janet Huang
Costume Designer: Lauren Seymour
Makeup Designer / Manager: Angie Bedford
Set Design: Shane Sanfilippo
Set Construction Manager: Shane Sanfilippo
Props Manager: Laura Perini
Lead Dresser: Jacinta Wilson
Graphic Designer: Karl McNamara
Photographer (Publicity): Gareth Hart
Photographer (Headshots): Karl McNamara
Poster Design: Thom Wilton
Ticket Secretary: Emma Williams
Front of House: Lorrae Sanfilippo, Tom Sanfilippo, Rebecca Sanfilippo, Emma WIllaism, Laura Perini, Shane Sanfilippo, Georgia Antonello, Emma Kiely, Kristopher Brown, Mark Petrolo, Luis Rivera, Mark Kearney


Conductor: Melissa Karakaltsas
Flute / Piccolo / Clarinet / Recorder: Samantha Forster
Flute / Clarinet: Mardi Cuthbert
Oboe: Jessica Henskens
Trumpet: James Coley
Trombone 1: Kane Nelson
Trombone 2: Nicholas Kyriacou
Piano 1: Daniele Buatti
Piano 2: Edwin Chow
Guitar: Thomas Couch
Bass: Micky Squire
Drums: Pete Carnation
Percussion: Lisa Trenery
Cello: Caitlyn Hopwood


Pippin: Kyahl Anderson
Leading Player: Scott Hili
Catherine: Jessica Kaplonyi
Theo: Dilan Ismail
Charlemagne: Sam McPartlan
Fastrada: Kathleen Amarant
Lewis: Rowland Brache
Berthe: Brigid De Neefe


James Adler
Oliver Bell
Jillian Brooks
Emily Carr
Sarah Cuthbert
Kate Ferguson
Jane Ghiotti
Laura Ghiotti
Chelsea Heaney
Catherine Irving
Yasmin Ismail
Sarah Kiely
Lauray Renfrew
Tom Senior
James Terry
Jessica Miller
Ryan Perrott
Aidan Puglielli
Marie Vivet
Robbie Wilton