2013 - The Witches of Eastwick - Waterdale
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The Witches of Eastwick

March 1 – 9, 2013
Rivergum Theatre, Parade College Bundoora


In the sleepy New England town of Eastwick, our three (not-so-wicked) witches Alexandra Spofford, Sukie Rougemont and Jane Smart are divorcees feeling trapped in their everyday humdrum lives. One stormy night, high on Martinis and brownies, they make a crazy wish – for a man to make their own. But their wish has consequences they could never have dreamed…

Production Team

Producer: Jake D. Remmington
Director: James Terry
Musical Director: Rachel Edwards
Choreographer: Gaynor Borlase


Darryl Van Horne: Tyson Legg

Alexandra Spofford: Jacqueline Levitas
Sukie Rougemount: Kathleen Amarant
Jane Smart: Nadia Gianinotti

Felicia Gabriel: Luisa Tascone
Clyde Gabriel: James Phillips

Michael Spofford: Ian Nisbet
Jennifer Gabriel: Angie Bedford

Little Girl: Tayla Podesta-Muir
Fidel: Andy McDougall

Gina:Adriana Tascone
Greta: Elise Moorhouse
Eudora: Rebecca Muratore
Franny: Sarah Cuthbert
Brenda: Jessica Martin
Marge: Melanie Xavier
Ed: Morgan Lobe
Joe: Pasquale Bartalotta
Raymond: Sean Walpole

Featured Dancers

Emma Kiely (Dance Captain)
Narada Edgar
Nicole Kiely


Joseph Spanti
Andrew Davies
Dee McDougall
Bernadette Sheedy
Courtney Ryan-Mercer
Joshua Bruzzese
Karla Quadara
Lauren Cameron
Frankie Guida
Ellen Burgin
Katie Carr